Use These 5 Interview Tips If You Want To Get Hired

Use These 5 Interview Tips If You Want To Get Hired

No matter how many interviews you have appeared in, they never seem to get easier. Each interview makes you meet new managers; HR’s and companies officials who grill you to the core before handing the offer letter.

With each interview, you give a shot to selling your skills and bagging a job. But it isn’t easy to stay all focused and energetic during the grilling sessions. And when you appear for the interview of your dream company, the stakes are even higher.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your interview sessions less stressful and even then land your dream job. That said, here are 5 tips that will help you get hired.

1. Prepare in advance

By this, it means that you should not only have all your documents ready but you have also practiced the possible questions which can be asked by the recruiter. Find out what the company is looking for, research about the background and mention examples from your resume that highlight your skills.

Make sure that you really understand the question before answering because if you come up with a versed answer, they will know and it will piss them off. Also, prepare a list of questions to show interest in the organization otherwise recruiters will think you are desperate and not skillful enough to be hired.

2. Build rapport with the interviewer

You might be surprised but making a connection with the interviewer can raise your chances of getting hired as people tend to hire those who suit the work culture. So, what can you do to make sure the interviewer likes you? Start by remembering his/her name and using it a number of times during the entire session.

Also, try and figure out the nature of person and how he/she reacts to a certain question or answer. This will allow you to project the personality that the interviewer is looking for. For e.g. - If the interviewer looks serious and professional, don’t try to act cool and crack jokes.

3. Do a detailed research about the company

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should just know about the company’s background and keep it to yourself. Make it a shield and use it in the interview. Even if they don’t ask the clichéd question,’ what do you know about the company’, you can use this information while answering other questions.

Make them know that you are well aware of the work culture and the products the company deals in. Also, try to praise them in a subtle manner. Before the interview, go through their website, blogs and social media accounts. Learn about small things, like the staff, recent success etc and use it to appreciate the company before interviews.

4. Be on time and have everything ready

Don’t be the lazy brat who does everything last minute. Take print outs of your resume a day before the interview. Don’t choose clothes last minutes and pay attention to what you are wearing. Get everything ready a night before so that you can have ample amount of time if anything goes haywire.

Choose a less crowded method for travel and start early so you have time on your hands. Don’t mess up your look before appearing in the interview. Also, carry all the documents and a presentable portfolio. This way you will not get anxious about forgetting an important document and will stay calm.

5. Stay focused and follow up after the interview

The key to cracking the interview is staying focused and calm during the times when most candidates get all sweaty and start fumbling. Just keep faith on your skills and yourself. Preparing in advance will give you that confidence. Make sure you have a healthy eye contact with the interviewer. Never ever cut off the person who is asking questions.

Also, active listening should be your priority so that you don’t ask them to repeat the same thing over and over again. Lastly, send a follow up thank you mail within 24 hours of the interview to ensure that they know you are pretty interested in the job.