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4 Signs Your Boss is 'Quiet Firing' You & the Steps You Should Take Immediately

4 Signs Your Boss is 'Quiet Firing' You & the Steps You Should Take Immediately

Do you think your boss is treating you differently than usual and it could be bad news for you? Or you are just suspicious and can not figure out what it is? In any sceptical situation, you should not worry, but read my article where I have clubbed a few signs to look for when your boss is ‘quiet firing’ you. Followed by this topic are the steps that you should immediately take after realising this.


What are the Signs that your Boss is ‘Quietly Firing’ You?

Here are some of the signs you should look for in your office and boss when you think he or she is ‘quietly firing’ you:

1. Neglectful Management

If your boss has stopped watching over your deadlines, the timings of coming to the office and leaving, or the number of holidays you are taking, then it falls under neglectful management.

2. No Feedback

If your boss stops giving feedback on your work, then it could be a huge sign that he or she has stopped caring about the work you are doing which could mean only one thing.

No Feedback

3. Constructive Conversation

If your boss has stopped having constructive conversations with you about what you all can do better to take your team and its goals ahead, then you should be on alert.

4. Neglected Concerns

If you take your concerns to your higher management and they do not give it proper attention while it does not seem to care if you leave for it, then they probably are already looking for a reason to chuck you out.

What are the steps I should take after knowing my boss wants to fire me?

There are certain steps that you can take after knowing that your boss wants to fire you or probably isn’t happy with you and here are the best ones to follow through with:

1. Introspection

The first thing that you are supposed to do is a self examination of yourself. Check for the things you might be doing wrong and fix them one by one or all at the same time.


2. Feedback

Ask for feedback from your boss on the work you submit. The response of your boss would give you a peek into his intentions whereas you would send out a message that you care about the quality of your work.

3. Review

If your organisation does a proper annual or monthly review and you are being excluded from it, then it would be a great idea to remind your management about the same. You can do it either in person or via email.


4. Communicate

If you think your skill set is underutilised, then I suggest you communicate the same to your management through a formal email. Also mention that you would like to contribute more to the organisation in the same email.

5. Ask for More

Try to anticipate what your boss is up to and ask him for a part in those upcoming tasks. You can use your previous accomplishments to convince your boss to assign you something from the upcoming projects.

6. How can I do better?

If you think everything is very obvious then you can directly go to your boss and ask him or her how you can do better. It will help you understand your boss’s expectations better and deliver accordingly.

7. Representation of your Work

It is a myth that work speaks for itself because you need to learn the right way to present it. Make sure you straighten your data so that you can do a better job of advertising your work. It ensures that you are weighed against your true value.

Representation of your Work

8. Search for a New Job

Just in case you are confident of being jobless in the upcoming time and there are no efforts you would like to make in your current job, it is time to find a better opportunity. There are thousands of job openings in India and you can apply for as many as you would like. Just ensure that you find the right job for yourself and leave your first organisation on the right terms.

Search for a New Job


In this article, we learnt about the signs that we are supposed to look for when we think that our boss is quietly firing us. After that, we also learned the things we should do as soon as we realise that we are on the list of people getting fired in the coming time. The last one is of course to search for the latest job vacancy in India that is made for you.