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Resume Highlighter

Your resume is one of the key elements that helps you bag in a job opportunity. To boost the appearance of your resume and its reach to all probable recruiters, BigLeep has a special feature.

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Sponsored Resume

Another feature to assist you with your job hunt is having your resume sponsored by BigLeep’s platform. It simply means that BigLeep’s platform will be sponsoring the reach and boost of your resume making it possible

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BigLeep is a platform dedicated to helping employers find top talent for their hard to fill jobs. Job seekers gather on this platform to find their best career opportunity and you can hand pick the ones that fits the desired work profile. Search over thousands of resumes with a single click and hire the one you were looking for


BigLeep provides a platform for the Jobseeker to search and apply relevant jobs. You can narrow down the search as per your convenience. Choose a desired location or category, role and industry to find that one job which you dreamt of having. BigLeep opens the doors to a vast land of opportunities. Take your pick.

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Create an account by clicking the Sign-Up link of any BigLeep page. It’s super easy and free to create an account. Just follow the steps. Once you are done registering your account, go ahead and upload your resume. Next comes the addition of personal and professional information. Voila, you’re almost done.

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Search jobs relevant to your skill set. Mention titles or keywords and narrow down your search criteria to specific jobs as per your requirement. Pick any desired location, category, role, industry and BigLeep will give you exact search results you were expecting.

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Applying jobs from BigLeep platform is a cake walk. Once an employer is interested, they can view your applied job and can contact you directly. Feel free to apply to multiple jobs and get in touch with various organizations, all under one roof.

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