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Sponsored Resume

Another feature to assist you with your job hunt is having your resume sponsored by BigLeep’s platform. It simply means that BigLeep’s platform will be sponsoring the reach and boost of your resume making it possible for the recruiters to consider it before other resumes and applications.

Resume sponsor service assists you in making yourself more visible in the eyes of organisations that are keen to hire applicants. BigLeep uses resume sponsor service to boosts the visibility of your resume thereby making you an easy pick.

This way it helps you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition and also solves the challenges to be picked up by the recruiting firms. Since, BigLeep has the largest database for job seekers and recruiters alike, it gets kind of hard to be spotted.

However, with this service, you can throw all your problems into the bin as resume sponsor service allows to create a bridge between you and interested parties. Once you activate our resume sponsor service on your profile, you can be rest assured that suitable and the best recruiters will not hesitate to pick you up.

This service will also allow you to create a better reputation which portrays you as one of the best candidates in the vast crowd of applicants. The recruiter will get an impression that you hold all the right kind of skills that they have been looking for. And voila, you land in the job you had always wanted.