Resume highlighter

Resume highlighter

Bigleep's special feature helps you to grab the latest job vacancies in India by boosting your resume's visibility and highlighting it to every potential recruiter to stand out from others.

The resume highlighter marks your profile to appear in a different colour which highlights its appearance on the dashboard allowing recruiters and organizations to spot you without any extra effort from your end.

This way you can make yourself stand out from the crowd allowing companies to spot you as one of the worthy candidates. Additionally, resume highlighter makes it easy for HR to go through the recruitment process as they can filter the best resumes easily without having to go through each and every job application from the vast database.

In simple words, this feature makes it possible to enhance the reach of your resume as a job vacancy for fresher and catches the eye of recruiters looking for suitable candidates. Anything highlighted looks more important and in demand grabbing more attention than the others. The same happens when you use our feature- Resume Highlighter.

The colour of the highlighted resume makes the recruiters feel that your resume is comparatively more important than the rest of the non-highlighted ones. Not only it gives you an upper hand to get your dream job but also fills your mail with several job vacancies you can choose from. With this feature, you can rest assured that your resume will not go unnoticed and soon you will get the job you had always dreamt of.