5 Tips for Salary Negotiation That Really Works

5 Tips for Salary Negotiation That Really Works

The most crucial thing after you are done with the final interview round, is salary discussion. It is during this time you need to ask yourselves a few questions.

Questions like, do you really want to work for this organization? What if they don’t offer you a handsome package like you expected? If that happens, how will you convince them to pay more? How would you go forward with your negotiations?

Before getting a nervous breakdown, sit back and take a deep breath. Calm yourselves down because there are ways by which you can negotiate salary without making your employer feel uncomfortable. Use these 5 tips for getting the salary that you deserve-

1.Set a bar for yourself

Now, before you go ahead with the salary negotiation, make up your mind about a specific threshold. Set a bar for the base salary that is the bare minimum and keep another bar which is your dream salary. This is the bracket of your negotiation. If you get an offer which is near the dream salary, straight away say ‘yes’. Don’t ruin your chances by being greedy and asking for more.

2. Know your company

Before trying the negotiation, make sure that you have done ample amount of research as to what the company offers and what was your previous package. Most companies offer a decent hike from your previous package. However, sometimes they go the extra mile too depending on your skills and expertise. Keep an open mind and check their salary bracket before negotiation so that you know where their limit ends.

3. Be patient and negotiate perks

Don’t paint a picture of being the greedy glutton who is just there for money. First of all, don’t initiate the topic of salary by yourself. Let the recruiters bring up the salary talks. Also, if you don’t feel satisfied with what they are offering, discuss about additional perks. Things like- flexible working hours, paid holidays and other benefits can surely compensate the salary in other terms.

4. Talk performance

When the employer is offering less salary, don’t lose hope. There are other ways to get what you want. Convince them by assuring that your performance will help the company touch new horizons and that they can offer performance incentive/bonus. Get the same in writing so that they don’t back out when the time of payment comes. This can only happen when you explain that you are capable of taking their business forward.

5. Go for the long game

Never be short sighted when it comes to career. Think of the longer run. If you are unhappy with the salary that they are offering, speak up and present your options. Chances are they will either give you additional perks or maybe even give you a better role on papers that can help you take a leap in terms of the position you hold. This way, when you decide to switch after a year or so, you will have massive salary hike and who knows maybe again a position change. Hope for the best but never ever undersell yourself.

Don’t get nervous, be confident

Salary negotiation can go haywire if you start sweating like a waterfall. Keep your confidence up and put forth your expectations in a subtle manner. This way you will give your employer the right signs. Never raise your voice or be adamant at one point because hey, its negotiation for a reason, right?

Finally, keep in mind that there are several candidates trying to get the job. Don’t let your high salary expectations ruin the chances. Keep in mind that you won’t leave empty handed because you have already spent a lot of time and effort in reaching that stage.