7 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

7 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Work- life balance seems like a herculean task. Advanced technology and availability of workers round the clock has made it harder for people to balance their lives.

Many work for over 50 hours a week and get negligible sleep. Every day is a work day for most because they feel it can give them an opportunity to earn more. However, it leads to relationship clashes and also effects overall health. Also, you feel more stressed and less happy.   

According to career experts, work-life balance can be achieved by finding the right method to follow during and after work hours.

1. Don’t chase perfection

For some of you, perfection maybe the ultimate goal but understand that you cannot always maintain the perfectionist trait. Life is all about complications and if you strive for perfection each time you sit down for a work, you will end up with agitation and disappointment.

Going further, it becomes destructive. Quit this habit and reach out for excellence not perfection.

2. Cut off the technological ties

No wonder technology has made work easy but there are times when you get too involved in technology and forget the moment you are living. Don’t be absorbed in phones and laptops. Sometimes, just switch all the gadgets you have and soak in the moment.

This will make you aware of the real world and you will be a part of something else apart from your work life. And yes, it will feel good.

3. Make exercise and meditation your BFF’s

No matter how busy you are, you take out time to eat, shower and use the washroom, right? Similarly, take out time for meditation and exercise. It could be as less as ten minutes or even an hour if you can really dedicate to leading a stress free life. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques to rejuvenate your senses.

These habits will help you relive stress and give you a better sleep for a better morning the next day.

4. Keep away time-wasting activities/people

It isn’t a rocket science to balance your work and life. All you need to do is sit down and think hard. Which activities you think is a waste of time? It could be playing PUBG, surfing social media for memes etc. Also, make a mental note of people who waste your time by rubbish talks.

Now, keep both things away from your life and note the difference in the quality of life you lead.

5. Plan ahead and be sensible about it

No need of making unrealistic plans that can ruin your today and tomorrow. Make a practical strategy and work according to the plan. Outsource some work if you are too occupied with things all the time. It will allow room to breathe and you will be more effective with your work delivery.

Change your working style and go for an effective and precise approach instead of doing everything on your own.

6. Start from scratch

There is no shortcut to success. So, never ever try to skip steps and think that you won’t be caught. Work life breaks everyone. What you really need is be consistent with your efforts and make sure that you are dealing it your way. Don’t cheat. Find a small beginning and make it large by constant effort.

Also, make it a habit to constantly uplift your positivity by focusing on small success and then strive for more.

7. Keep personal and professional life apart

The most important thing to achieve a perfect work-life balance is by leaving work at workplace when you head home. In case, you had a bad day, divert your mind and think about the good things you will do when you get home. Be it meeting your pet, wife, kids or just relaxing and watching TV.

Don’t let work ruin your life because you work to live and not the other way round.