Here’s How to Nail It When the Interviewer Asks You to Introduce Yourself

Here’s How to Nail It When the Interviewer Asks You to Introduce Yourself

“Tell me about yourself” is the most common question an HR official will likely to throw at the start of the interview. No matter which organization it is, all interviews religiously begins with some version of this question.

The whole deal is how you answer it. Most applicants make blunders while they are at it and end up losing the chance to get to the second round. You need to be careful while constructing an answer to introduce yourselves. Never ever provide a heap of information to the interviewer or give too little information leaving the listener hanging by a strand.

Restrain from giving random and arbitrary information. Try to find a balance between the right amount and factual information that helps the HR to know you as a better applicant. Here are the 4 things that you need to keep in mind when you are about to answer the clichéd question, “Introduce yourself.”

1.Identification of 3 strengths

Before you begin the answer, you need to identify three of your strengths. Most folks end up giving way too much information that basically just overwhelms the interviewer in a negative manner. Instead of summarizing your life history, go for a shorter version of your biggest achievements. Pick up three of your major accomplishments that can be relevant for the role you are applying. It isn’t possible for you to any which ways describe everything in a matter of few minutes, so why waste time and effort. Save it for both the HR and yourself and keep it informative, but crisp.

2. Be a storyteller

Everyone loves a good story. Even the HR’s love it when there is an interesting tone in the answer they hear. Make sure that you sound interesting and not like some robot who has rehearsed the same million times before. Tell them about your professional experience in a form of some adventurous journey. Start off by your first company and which direction your career advanced after you left it. This will make it easier for the HR to understand your career graph and consider you an asset.

3. End it with 3 bangs

Now that you have narrated your professional past and present, end the answer with 3 positive traits that you are looking forward to in the future. Relate yourselves to the position offered and tell them what you are looking to learn in future while working at this position. Include future skills that you wish to master and speak it all with an enthusiastic voice.

4. Relate with the employer

It would all be in vain if you fail to connect with the employer who is offering you this job. Try to relate to the HR professional and keep him/her interested in your answer. Look for small sigs that will confirm if he/she is genuinely interested in whatever you are saying. Keep an easy eye contact, don’t make it look like a stare though. Show a positive excitement towards the job if you want to win.

Own it to win it

The key to cracking an interview lies within you. Before you step in, have faith in yourself and your qualifications. Always try to be precise and to the point as HR’s love straight forward folks. People who beat around the bush always end up getting rejected right after the first round. Avoid sounding too needy or desperate.

Prepare the basic structure of how you are going to answer the ‘introduce yourself’ question in your mind. Note down a few pointers and take the help of a friend for an honest feedback. Practice it to an extent that it comes out naturally and doesn’t sound made up. Lastly, talk with confidence and tell yourself that you got this, because you really do.