Top HR Questions and How to Answer Them Impressively

Top HR Questions and How to Answer Them Impressively

The most dreaded thing about the whole hiring process is screening interviews with the HR professionals. It’s the milestone which determines if you are going to get the job or not.

Naturally, you must go prepared and know what kinds of questions the HR is going to throw at you. In the beginning, there are normal questions like ‘Why do you want to work in this position’, ‘Tell me about yourself’, but these are just the basic ones. All you need to do in these questions is speak up about your past experiences that links you to the current profile.

But then, there are rather tricky ones which you need to answer in an impressive manner. Here are the 5 most tricky questions which the HR’s throw at you and how to answer them efficiently.

1.The reason why you need this job?

Of course, it’s a dumb question but you need to answer to impress. Don’t use the clichéd answer that says it’s a prestigious position and that you were looking forward to work with their organisation. Instead, use strong facts and relate to the position with your skills that matches the current profile. Try projecting yourself a someone who has a hold on several skills and can manage this position smoothly. Make it more like, why they need you over why you need a job.

2. Where do you see yourself in this organization, say five years down the line?

Ok, even you know that you are not going to stay with the same company for five years. Still, you have to make them believe that you are willing to. To tackle this question smartly, tell them that you see yourself to be handling a more versed and responsible position. Also, incorporate the feeling that you will be more experienced and would love to be an asset for the organisation. This will give them more reason to trust you. Don’t talk about making money, because it will straight up turn the HR professionals off.

3. Tell us about your weakness?

An employer always wants to know what he/she is dealing with before hiring you. So, there will be this tricky question that wants you to reveal all your weak points. Now, you need to play smart. There is no way on earth that you should go blabbering about your weaknesses. Instead, use a past tense. Tell them that you used to stress about work and get nervous but not anymore. After taking council in books, you focus on your rather than your weaknesses.

4. There are many candidates for the same job, why should we pick you?

This is one the trickiest, yet the most logical question asked by the HR’s. Here, you need to take command and be really confident. Use a unique approach. Start with something on the lines of, ‘Should I tell you what I think the job is all about and the kind of person you are looking for? Then, add the line, ‘I guess this can help us determine if I am suitable for the job or not.’ This will portray you as a responsible yet straightforward person.

5. What are your thoughts about the last organisation?

This isn’t the time for you to rant out the bad experiences you had in the previous organisation. Mention positive things and make sure you have a good recommendation from your manager’s end. This will give the HR’s a very positive feel about your previous work. Talk about the feedback you had from your team leader or your achievements that can justify your skills and experience. If you want, you can also include your best traits during this time without seemingly boasting about your talents when they ask about your strengths.