Effective Tips To Find Job Location to Advance Your Career

Effective Tips To Find Job Location to Advance Your Career

Looking to advance, change, or rebuild your career? Well, finding your preferred job location requires you to broaden your search radius. Use every single platform you can register to, contact every network you can, and browse a lot of the internet. For deep understanding, this article shares in-depth knowledge about the same to help you search job by location. Here you will be informed about the 10 most effective job search strategies.


10 Most Effective Tips to Search Job by Location

Before getting right to the strategies, let’s understand why you need them in the first place. Having strategies laid out in the hand offers a broad spectrum to search for new career opportunities. Looking for a growthful career option takes time and you sure want to speed up the process. So, by learning and crafting effective strategies you can increase your chances of finding a potential job opportunity swiftly.

Here are the 10 best strategies to search job by location more readily:


Networking is a long-term and continuous process. Even if you get a desirable job position in your favorite company, you still have to make sure to expand your professional network. This will help you to open a new door to numerous growth opportunities whenever you want. More connections will recommend more job applications to you. Moreover, you will keep yourself updated about the latest trends and updates in the job market, when you have so many ears and mouths to conversate around.

Online Job Portals

Online job portals will primarily help you search job by location, category, skills, experience, and many other preferences using these filters. Every job board is like a vast tree having branches expanded in various directions up to long distances. These branches can be said as networks of new opportunities. Moreover, these portals also offer premium advice to personalize your resume and cover letter for your preferred job role.


Today, large organizations hire external help to fill their vacant positions. Working with these recruiters may help find the latest job openings in India extensively. Your search can end up in a few days or hours or at the exact minute you connect with them. However, remember that recruiters work for commission, and you will have to get a decent discount before hiring their services.


It is true that the referrals are prioritized over other candidates that apply through other processes. This is because a company trusts its own employees over others to help them hire the best candidates. Because of this, you must contact your friends, or ex-colleagues to refer them to your organization if they are hiring. Moreover, many organizations pay their employees a finder’s fee for referring a new candidate if the hiring is successful.

Job Fairs

Job fairs consist of many large and small organizations; these places are the best places to learn about your favorite company. These job fairs are hosted by several colleges, universities, or companies, and you can easily get access to them. However, before starting to search for a job by location or any preference, you must perform deep research about the companies that will be present there. Also, what type of candidates are they looking for?

Company websites

Access company websites in which you want to get hired. The majority of large companies post their latest job openings in India on the official website only. However, before you fill out the application remember to know about them and their business model. All this information will help you get closer to your goal of getting hired.

Cold Calling

This method is not so effective, but when it works, the whole hiring process is moved forward. Even if there is no vacant position in the organization, you must contact them directly. If you want to search job by location or with any other preferences then contacting your selected companies will be the best idea. Call them or email them asking about the latest job openings in India and tell them about your skills, education, and experience. Also, when email becomes your primary form of communication it will be most beneficial for you, keeping the conversation recorded and understood. You can even attach your resume and cover letter to increase your chances of being hired.


Internships are for individuals who have no professional experience. By opting for an internship you will make a strong resume while developing professional connections. Moreover, when a company feels that an intern has the potential, they even convert this opportunity into a full-time position. But for this to happen you must make tedious efforts to perform all the tasks efficiently. Perform all the tasks with 100 percent accuracy and efficiency through the internship program. But how will you do it? Well, ask for responsibilities, get a hold of the work, show interest in new projects, and so on.


This strategy may or may not work but you will effectively increase your chances of getting hired. A single perk of this process is that you will get an instant response rather than waiting for a few business days to get a reply. However, this strategy may only be effective for select job roles like salesman, restaurant, hospitality, etc. When you walk into a business make sure to look presentable and lower your voice to polite levels.


Before this digital era, all the latest job openings in India were posted in newspapers. The hiring process was very lengthy and took months to wrap up. However, even today the local jobs are being published in newspapers that you take advantage of, and don't forget, many of these papers also have websites where you can find job listings online.

Few Additional Tips to Search Job By Location

Follow these tips to get hired for your desired location:

Update Your Resume

Your resume defines what caliber of an employee you are. It depicts your first impression to the employer and they judge your capabilities on the basis of the information that you type in. Make sure your data is correct without any grammatical mistakes and formatting errors.

Personalized Your Resume

After updating, personalize your resume for the specific job you are applying for. Search job by location, category, skill or experience and customize your information according to it. Mention the relevant job responsibilities and preferred qualifications and skills in your resume. Tailor-made the document enough to impress the recruiter or add the most relevant keywords to pass the ATS.

Hunt for Under-Qualified Jobs

Even though you should apply for the jobs that you are qualified for, you may want to apply for jobs you are overqualified for to get hired swiftly. You will have a higher chance of getting hired for these jobs. Just search for jobs near me and you will find many opportunities.

Follow Up

After applying for the job or the first interview round don’t hesitate to send a follow-up mail to get the feedback. Use a polite tone and show your interest in the opportunity to show professionalism.

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