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Types Of Leaves You Get At Workplace

Leaves vary according to countries and same goes for India. Indian companies give different types of paid and unpaid leaves to their employees. They are given so that employees can have a good work-life balance and they don’t get exhausted. Every company has different specifics when it comes to leave but the types of leaves are similar in India.
You should know the types of leave so that in your interview you can ask HR about the specifics during your interview. Big companies have better leave policies as they want their employees to have more privilege. Let’s discuss the types of leaves that are commonly given by companies in India.

Casual Leave

This is the most common type of leave usually given by every company. You can take casual leave for one or two days to attend unforeseen personal matters. Most companies give 2-3 casual leave per month. You can also take half day casual leave depending on the need in case you don’t want to take a whole day off from work.

Earned/Privilege Leave

Earned leaves are a kind of privilege that is given to employees when they work with the company. You get paid during an earned leave and they are given annually. Usually companies give 18 privilege leaves where they can take some time off from work. You have to get them sanctioned beforehand by your employer unless there is an emergency. You can also encash earned leaves if you have not used them by the end of the year.

Sick Leave

It is given in case the employee is sick or has some medical emergency. You get entitled to sick leaves only after working in a company for a certain period of time. Usually companies offer two sick leaves every month; go and ask your HR about it in your company.

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is provided to women who are bearing a child. The duration of maternity leave is between 10-30 weeks. In case where a woman goes through miscarriage or abortion, she can take leave up to 6 weeks. You get paid during maternity leave by the company. In some companies you can take maternity leave for more than a year but you don’t get paid in that case.

Paternity Leave

Paternity leave is provided to men who have become father. Some good companies India have provision of paternity leave. But still there is a big lot of companies that don’t provide paternity leaves. Check details about it with your HR before joining if you are expecting to become a parent soon.

Sabbatical Leave

It is an unpaid leave that is provided by an employer so that you can gain more skills and knowledge. Usually there is no set number for such leave but people take it for long duration. This is a special kind of leave so you need to plan in advance and consult with your employer about it.

Marriage Leave

This is a kind of leave provided when an employee is getting married or has to attend a wedding of a close person. You need to ask your HR in advance so that your absence can be managed in some way. Usually you need to write for it in a mail and wait for approval.

Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave is provided to you on account of a death in the family. There is no legal provision for payment during this leave but companies don’t cut salaries of the employees during bereavement leave out of care and compassion.
Hopefully now you have a clear idea about different kind of leaves commonly found in workplaces in India.