6 Steps to Picking Up the Best Second Career Options

6 Steps to Picking Up the Best Second Career Options

Gone are the days when your first company was also your last one. Today, everyone is looking forward to make the most of their time. Some choose second career options because they are bored of their current job profile while some go for it due to approaching retirement.

The point is, it depends on your skills, expertise and zeal if you wish to have a change in career. But for doing this, you need to follow some basic rules otherwise it will turn out to be a massive waste of time, money and effort.  

However, it’s not rocket science and anyone can successfully have a second career option. You need to follow certain steps and analyse your traits before opting for a different career.

1.Note down your strengths

To begin with, you need to make an honest and careful inventory of your most powerful traits. Keep a realistic and logical approach as you must have already had your fair share of the market needs. Study about the second career option and know what are they looking for before approaching them. Mention the variety of experiences you hold as it will make you a worthier candidate when it comes to hiring.

2. Accept your weakness

Simply put, it’s about accepting how you are not good at technical or how you cannot withstand night shifts. It will only aid you in choosing your second career option. Once you are well aware of your weaknesses, you can opt for the career that doesn’t get affected by your weaknesses. Instead, you can pick the ones that doesn’t require you to be an expert in things that you lack.

3. Learn some extra skills

You can even prepare for the career shift by grabbing some extra skills before you start your switch towards second career. It will help you get an overall idea about what things you are lacking and what skills you need to polish before opting for it. Go for low cost training courses that can prepare you for it. Just keep an eye that it doesn’t cost you much to shift your career.

4. Go for complementary careers

Before trying a career that is totally opposite of what you are currently in, think about some complementary careers. For example, if you are into sales, try exploring training. This will allow you get paid more and give you a steady second career option. You can use your sales expertise to coach the new joiners. Also, it will amplify your experience and give you ways to use it in teaching.

5. Look for what you love

Second career option is basically something you love to do. Be it an NGO or animal shelter, choose the career that you will be happy in. You have already spent a lot of time in working for jobs that pays your bills. This second chance is all about fulfilling your dreams in a job. No matter how different it is from your present career, go for it if you love it, Always, think long term.

6. Take it slow

Changing careers cannot be accomplished overtime. You need to give it time and understand that you are going to do something that you will love to do for the rest of your career. Its like exploring a favourite tourist destination. So, never hurry into these things. Give it proper time and analyse the second option thoroughly before finally making career switch.

Having said that, most people keep a track of the second career they are wanting to explore when the time comes. Try updating yourself with the career options as a long-term perspective because you will love doing something that you always wanted to.